Ian Holloway: the Hypocrite

Holloway is up in arms about Liverpool and Aston Villa negotiating through the media for his star player Charlie Adam.

Taken from the BBC…

“I don’t talk about other teams’ players,” said Holloway. “Mr Houllier didn’t do that. He said they had made an offer and we hadn’t got back to him and Charlie is really good. What is that to do with him? How unsettling is that?”

Probably quite unsettling.

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. where we find Ian Holloway on 30 August 2010 speaking about Leicester City player DJ Campbell.

‘The one I wanted to do more than anything else was DJ. I’m sorry I am not in control of that,’ Holloway said. ‘We’re not going to pay £2million or £3m for him because he is 28, but I tried my utmost and we almost did it.  

‘It was almost there, then his club turned round and said no. And the boy has now scored five goals in his last five games.’

That was sufficiently unsettling for Campbell to sign, the next day for £1.5 million.

He without sin shall cast the first stone.

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