Fantasy Football Auction

I’d like you to participate in my Fantasy Football Game this season – it’s a little different from normal Fantasy Football and is for the more hardcore fan.

Concept: Fantasy Football but like NFL Fantasy Football each player in the League can only be owned by one manager. This avoids the end of season tedium that ensues when everybody has the same players in their team.

The game is based on the Sun Dream Team Scoring System, although none of the rules relating to number of players from a given club will apply. So if you want 16 Wigan players – feel free.

Players are allocated via an auction process



Each manager begins the evening with £120 million to spend on 16 players.

Each turn a different manager will attempt to purchase a player for £0.5 million. If another manger should want that player he must bid at least ½ million above what was previously bid. Bidding will continue until nobody is willing to increase the bid.

Key Points
• £120 Million
• 16 Players
• Minimum increment allowed to raise a bid by is ½ million
• Players must be on the list, you can’t sign Messi hoping he’ll come to the league

If after successfully bidding for a player a manager decides that he no longer wants that player he can release him for ½ what he paid for them (He is no permitted to re-bid for that player).

For example: If manager A bids £19,5 million for Ashley Young and then decides he doesn’t want him he can release him for £10 (because we can’t split half millions we round up).


Provisionally pencilled in for Sunday 6 August or Friday 11 August


In order to limit the impact of injuries on the league I have increased the number of formations that are eligible under the rules as far as is reasonable.

Valid formations

• 4-4-2
• 4-3-3
• 5-3-2
• 4-5-1
• 5-4-1

I was tempted to add in 2-3-5 but since Ozzie Ardilles isn’t turning up I didn’t think anyone would mind if I gave it a miss.

Making Changes and Updating the Table

I will be updating the league table on the 1st of every month and as such this is when you will need to submit your team to me. Even if there isn’t a game until the 3rd of that month I will still need to have received your team by the last day of the month in order for it to be eligible.


Points are awarded during the season depending on how your players perform in Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and Europa League matches.
Your 11 selected players will gain or lose you points based on their appearances during the season. For full details see below:

Goal Scored 5
Scoring three or more goals per match 5
Clean Sheet (keeper/defender) 5
Clean Sheet (midfielder) 2
Conceded more than one goal (keeper/defender) -1 per goal
Penalty save (keeper) 3
Booking -1
Sent off -3 in total
Star Man in Sun Sport’s player ratings 5
Awarded seven or more in Sun Sport’s Player Ratings 3

Loan Deals

Managers are allowed to make loan deals between each other but the length of the loan must be specified on Facebook so as not to cause confusion. In the interests of sportsmanship these loan deals must be fair and if they aren’t they won’t be allowed.

Transfer Window

We will have a second auction when the transfer window closes in the winter. It is anticipated that an additional £25 million will be available to managers to make new purchases but this may be subject to change.

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